All our beef is ethically sourced and comes from local farms. We know all the farmers we buy from personally and all meat is hung on our premises for maximum maturity and taste. Fed on a healthy grass and cereal-based diet, our beef is produced from our carefully chosen farmers and each cut is carefully prepared to ensure that it is suitable for its intended use.

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Breakfast Puddings

The famous National and International award winning Doherty black and white puddings – a pleasure to wake up to any day of the week! Made to our own special and closely guarded recipe, these puddings are popular with hotels, restaurants and homes throughout the Kells district and beyond, and France has received awards from the Confrerie, the Commanderie des Fins Goustiers du Duché d'Alençon.

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Doherty Craft Meats supply 100% guaranteed Irish lamb which is fully traceable from farm to fork.We work with a carefully chosen group of local farmers to provide tender, naturally reared lamb. We traditionally mature all of our lamb which gives it a wonderful succulent flavour.
Our range of Lamb includes chops, cutlets, mince and a whole Lamb roasting range.

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Our Doherty in-house made cracked black pepper sausages are a firm favourite with our customers. They are firm yet yielding with a zing of black pepper and a unique blend of seasonings to liven up the palate and add depth to any dish. We also make lovely herbal sausages as well as normal yet award winning sausages.

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Food For Thought

What is a Craft Butcher?

A craft butcher displaying the logo assures you of having the very best, traceable, traditionally prepared meat available. Meat from a Craft Butcher is sourced, slaughtered and prepared locally and so reduces Food Miles (helping our carbon footprint), and also eliminating stress to the animals. Transporting animals long distances before slaughter has a detrimental effect on the meat quality. By supporting your local Craft Butcher you can be sure of the highest quality produce.

CraftButchers are trained and are the best place to find value and quality in the current economic situation. Your Craft Butcher respects meat as a quality product and will happily provide cookery tips and storage advice to his customers. Get to know your Craft Butcher. This way, he or she will learn what you like and will always try to have it for you.

There is an old saying

“keep your business in town if you want to keep your town in business”

So buying locally contributes to the local economy and also ensures the quality of the meat is far superior.

Thomas Doherty Craft Butchers

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